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Mattress Buying Guide

Avoid getting cheated during the festive season, choose the right mattress

How to buy the right quality mattress

We often get cheated while choosing mattresses or are unable to buy a mattress suitable for our comfort. To choose the right mattress, it is important to keep some things in mind such as


Many times we get confused whether we should take the mattresses hard or soft, cold or hot, A lot of lies are told to the customer about selling the mattresses of the market, such as if there will be a soft or will be strict, then some will be cold or hot because of this, while very few types of mattresses available in the market which give a feeling of cold or warm. Doctors also always recommend sleeping on a slightly hard mattress, for that you should only buy mattresses made of rebonded foam, but the quality or thickness of the rebonded, should be selected on the basis of warranty. High quality rebonded are mostly tough and comes with around ten to eleven year warranty, If you like soft mattress, then you should buy only mattress made of foam, you can check the quality of the foam by comparing it with the guarantee.


When the material inside a mattress is not good, you will not sleep well, no matter how good, bright it is from outside. The information inside the mattress should be understood very well from the salesman, You should buy the product by checking the sample first and compare the sample or original matrices properly.


While buying a mattress, first of all make sure whether the manufacturer has registered its product with the government or not. The registered product name is accompanied by a register trademark tag, Traders sell unregistered products but later the customer has to face difficulties in guaranteeing because such companies do not have any sure place. A good brand writes complete information about its goods on the top of the product, such as name of the brand, model, size, date of manufacture, apart from this, the customers should also know about the manufacturer very well.

Many times the salesmen sell something else by showing something else in the sample, more than half of the mattresses in the market also available like this. In which scrap pieces of foam are combined and sold by putting a good cloth on it, there is a joint in the corner of the laminated mattress, you can check it yourself. It is very important to beware of such manufacturers and shopkeepers.


While buying a mattress it should be kept in mind that if you have not taken the mattress bill, so you will not be able to get the benefit of guarantee due to non-availability of bill while using the guarantee card and if the shopkeeper asks for gst, then do not take the goods from him because in MRP already included with the tax.

Exchange Offer

Exchange offer is given only on selected mattresses on which MRP is already increased. Your old mattress is of no value to the company that makes the first quality mattress. This is only done to attract the customers.